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Datyra is a global engineering leader in new energy, machine learning, and human performance bioengineering that you can enlist to build your solution

Who We Are

We are a leading global supplier of engineering services

Datyra is global engineering business dedicated to inventing the world’s best products and offering engineering solutions in machine learning, bioengineering, the internet of things, and energy. We have globally dispersed advanced engineering laboratories to deliver solutions to and serve clients around the world. We want to put the world’s best engineers directly at your disposal.

Product Launch

An Assistant to Accelerate Scientific Advancements


Areas where we can help you grow your business

DLI – Our Proprietary Machine Learning Methodology

Bioengineering for Human Performance

New Energy and
Energy Systems

Blockchain Consensus Design and High Performance Computing


New Office in Austin, Texas

Fueling Innovation in a Thriving Market.


Empowering Innovation

Sorrento Valley’s New AI Powerhouse

We have established a new Tenjin DGX AI facility in Sorrento Valley to leverage GPU computational power to solve our client’s engineering challenges.

Nanodegree Program

Udacity’s online deep-learning course will allow you to learn from industry leaders and cutting edge thinkers in the field of artificial intelligence.


Datyra’s Head of ML and COO Nathan is teaching the course with some of today’s most inspiring AI leaders.

Relevant News

Datyra Joins NVIDIA Inception Program