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We are committed to unlocking the benefits of technology in your business through our proprietary strategies and engineering expertise.

Exceptional Leadership

With decades of combined expertise and raised tens-of millions in venture capital for businesses they have started and then sold, our Leadership is one of the most qualified in the field. They’ve been featured on Forbes, Red Herring, Huffpost, Entrepreneur.com, and more


Keith Klarer

Keith has over thirty years leading product development across the spectrum of software and hardware systems design, with a focus on high performance computing and complex systems. Twenty years were in executive management positions. He has been founder or co-founder of four successful companies, and lead the development of award winning products: Red Herring Top 100 Global Company, Advanced Telecommunications Computer Architecture Winner.


Nathan Klarer

Nathan is an accomplished international businessman responsible for building multiple successful enterprises that have created more than a billion dollars of value and driven tens of millions of dollars of investment globally. He is an expert in the scientific fields of bioengineering as it pertains to human performance and machine learning. He is a developer of international real estate projects aimed at the expression of beauty and healthy living. He is an active angel investor across multiple verticals. In his free time, he runs Spartan Races and marathons, practices multiple martial arts, writes, and is an enthusiastic Weimaraner owner.