Changing of Guard

Changing of Guard

Felipe Sanchez Cruz | Friday, December 30, 2022 | Transexenal (original publication).

The politician becomes a statesman when he begins to think about the next generations and not about the next elections.

British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.

A bit of that thought materialized in Oaxaca in 1990, after two years of having been born in the mind of former governor Heladio Ramírez López a university project that could promote development in the Mixteca region, which he commissioned from the recently deceased Modesto Seara Vázquez.

Seara assumed the rectory of a project that expanded beyond the Technological University of the Mixteca (UTM) of HUAJUAPAN de León, as this resulted in a System of State Universities of Oaxaca (SUNEO) that today integrates 10 public universities with 19 campuses and has generated tens of thousands of graduates with excellence in their level of preparation, over more than 3 decades.

On July 21, 2022, he exposed the degree of preparation reached by students who graduated from said university system with the following lines.

A GUIDE as an example: The American company Datyra Inc, based in San Diego, California, creator of Software for companies and institutions ad hoc to their needs using artificial intelligence tools, hired more than 40 graduates of the Technological University of the Mixteca (UTM). The results provided by the work of the Oaxacan youth to that company yielded more fruits.

Datyra Inc decided to establish this year an office in Huajuapan de León in the UTM technology park with this SUNEO shows how it consolidates talents that can contribute to science and humanity while offering a great future for its graduates.

This type of result is obtained when politicians use their capacity and experience, but above all when their actions are not just looking for a flash, when far from electoral demagogy they execute policies that transcend their governments and lay the foundations for true development.

Upon learning of his death, many graduates, on their social networks, simply posted a “Thank you” for the great rector who was Modesto Seara.

That action undertaken more than 30 years ago, vindicated, at least in the field of higher education, the Mixteca region, and Oaxaca. “Works” like this represent a great heritage.


A huge challenge has the current governor Salomón Jara, so that the educational level that forged the rectory of the polyglot Seara, is maintained and improved.

Jara will require a lot of attention so that SUNEO is not contaminated with disastrous politicking or unionism, which ends up undermining the great educational capital that this university system means today, which is public and has allowed young people who lack economic resources to reach as far as they can imagine thanks to the scientific knowledge that they can acquire in this institution.

The Jara Team being honest is full of activists, “warriors”, and brave people, we hope they have enough common sense to surround themselves with more experienced minds and with greater knowledge so that by making synergies, they allow Oaxaca, in the future, to count with more advantages like those that Modesto Seara has left (rest in peace). Time will tell.

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