Datyra Pursues Strategic Growth Through Government Partnerships

Datyra is an international consulting firm that focuses on technology and innovation to provide top-tier consulting services to clients. on February 21, the company had its first meeting with the Secretaría de Desarrollo Económico Oaxaca to discuss potential collaborations and discuss ways to continue the economic development mission of the Universidad Tecnológica de la Mixteca. As a company that specializes in artificial intelligence, we are committed to leveraging our expertise to drive innovation in the region. we believe that our collaboration with the government and SUNEO (Sistema de Universidades Estatales de Oaxaca) can play a vital role in achieving these goals.

Sharing Insights and Exploring Opportunities

During the meeting, Datyra had the opportunity to share their insights on how artificial intelligence can be utilized to create innovative solutions that drive economic growth and progress in the region and experiences with government officials to explore opportunities for future collaborations.

Datyra is grateful to the Government of Oaxaca for their support and for recognizing the potential of AI in driving economic development. The company is confident that this collaboration will lead to positive outcomes and benefit the people of Oaxaca in the long run.

A Promising Partnership

At Datyra, we understand that collaboration is key when it comes to driving innovation, growth, and progress in any region. That’s why we’re proud to be part of a collaborative work table between the Technological University of La Mixteca and the Secretaría de Desarrollo Económico Oaxaca. We are determined to leverage our expertise to drive innovation, growth, and progress in the region. In this case, in collaboration with both government entities and the SUNEO university system, we believe we can play a vital role in achieving these goals by fostering the development of advanced technology and providing training for a skilled workforce.

It was a great honor to be part of this productive dialogue with Secretaría de Desarrollo Económico Oaxaca, and we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. Our goal is to use our expertise in AI-driven technologies to help drive sustainable economic development and progress in Oaxaca. We look forward to working with the government and the SUNEO system to create new opportunities and unlock the region’s potential.

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