If you know when your vessels are ready to ship or waiting at the destination port, you optimize your operations and costs by avoiding additional storage and delivery fees. After clarifying the meaning of logistics events, it is worthwhile to figure out how they help facilitate the transportation process in practice. If the shipment was due to arrive in Los Angeles on May 15, but the vessel did not arrive until May 20 due to port congestion, then the ATA for this shipment is May 20.

If an investor sells the IOU earlier than the maturity date, the seller receives an amount that is based on the index that the ETN tracks. An ETF can decline sharply if the market tanks, but it would take a genuine catastrophe to render it worthless. Generally, ETNs are considered riskier than ETFs because they combine default risk and market risk. One of the guiding principles behind ETNs is to give investors a shot at niche investing areas such as commodities, currencies, and emerging markets. For that reason, anyone considering investing in an ETN needs to check the credit rating of the underwriter. If the underwriter were to receive a credit downgrade, shares of the ETN would probably experience a downturn that is unrelated to the underlying index it’s tracking.

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Komal Puri is a seasoned professional in the logistics and supply chain industry. As the Senior Director of Marketing and a subject matter expert at FarEye, she has been instrumental in shaping the industry narrative for the past decade. Her expertise and insights have earned her numerous awards and recognition. Komal’s writings reflect her deep understanding of the industry, offering valuable insights and thought leadership. Needless to say, inaccurate ETA and ETD can cause severe operational disruptions and financial loss to shipping businesses. Above all, businesses may lose customers due to missing estimated deadlines.

  • The remaining distance is divided by the previously measured speed to estimate the arrival time roughly.
  • As the name goes, the estimated time of departure is the predicted time when the vessel is expected to leave from the origin port based on ideal conditions.
  • It effectively becomes the seller for every buyer, and the buyer for every seller.
  • Finally, it’s useful to remember that the estimated time of arrival isn’t necessarily the actual time of arrival (ATD), nor is the estimated time of departure the actual time of departure.
  • The exchange-traded derivatives world includes futures, options, and options on futures contracts.

This particular method does not take into account any unexpected events (such as new wind directions) that may occur on the way to the destination. When the shipper books cargo on an ocean vessel, the ocean carrier has the responsibility to take the cargo on the vessel that is mentioned on the booking confirmation. It uses data such as stocks on hand, sales and demand, inventory lead time, and other factors to arrive at the forecasted figures. Accurate and up-to-date data helps to produce accurate forecasts.

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Goods ready days show the number of days taken by the supplier to get the goods ready and have them delivered to the port for shipment. Predictive models to arrive at projected delays are not practical. However, based on historic trends, organizations can factor in a certain number of days in their inventory forecasting models to cover these unforeseen delays. Those in the shipping, warehousing, or supply chain business may be quite familiar with the acronyms, ETD and ETA. Traffic congestion, especially in urban areas, can cause delays in travel.

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The movement of cargo vessels can be monitored by the shipping company and disruptive events en route avoided. In the event of the cargo missing the sailing for no fault of the shipper, then the carrier should take the cargo in an alternative vessel latest within three days from the date of the original booking. Analysts of the ocean carrier compare the ETD and ETA given with the actual times of departure and arrival. Ship-related factors are those which affect the arrival of the vessel at a port such as weather delays, breakdown of ship’s machinery en route, etc.

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Customers prefer to deal with organizations that look ahead to avoid problems rather than deal with problems when they happen. Updated and accurate ETD and ETA help customers plan and manage their activities and also avoid stock-outs. Live tracking gives clear visibility of goods and vessels in transit and therefore a realistic ETD and ETA.

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This helps in avoiding shortages or overstocks, which can impact costs and customer satisfaction. The differences between an ETC, an ETF, and an ETN are complex and filled with legal jargon. In terms of structural differences dma stands for in trading between an ETF and an ETC, the ETF invests directly in physical commodities or futures contracts. An ETC is a debt note, backed by an underwriter, which then collateralizes the note with buying the commodity.


There’s a huge variety of ETFs to choose from, including not just stock funds but funds that invest in bonds, gold or other commodities, futures, or a mix of assets. In January 2024, the first bitcoin futures ETFs were added to the mix. But ETFs have a lesser-known cousin, the exchange-traded note (ETN). It has some of the characteristics of bonds but, like most ETFs, the underlying investments are chosen to mirror an index or other benchmark. Investors large and small appreciate the fact that these investments are understandable, reliable, and liquid.

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ETD is significant as it gives information about the vessel exit and informs receivers about the expected scheduled times for the destination port. Estimated time of arrival (ETA) in shipping is the estimated time the the ship will arrive at anchorage (waiting outside the port) or at dock. Estimated time of departure (ETD) is when the ship is estimated to leave the dock. Finally, it’s useful to remember that the estimated time of arrival isn’t necessarily the actual time of arrival (ATD), nor is the estimated time of departure the actual time of departure.

Spell it out and follow up to avoid delays and reduce the likelihood of losses. Developments in GPS and live tracking can further increase the accuracy and efficiency of both shipping ETD and ETA. ETA is the estimated time of arrival whereas ETD can mean two very different things. Both companies that use ETA and ETD may use either real-time updates or check in points along the shipping ETA journey. It’s common in the trucking industry for ELDs to offer real-time tracking for shippers. However, with delivery companies like UPS or Fedex, package updates at set checkpoints are more common.

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Besides, emergency services provide the patient or healthcare facility with information about their estimated time of arrival so that they are adequately prepared to participate in the rescue operation. Lead time is a critical key performance indicator (KPI) measure for supply chain and logistics companies. Lead time figures are usually broken down into goods ready days, transit days, and clearance and delivery days. ETD could be the estimated departure time of the shipper’s cargo on board a vessel or that of the transport vessel itself. It could be the estimated departure time of anything that could be waiting for dispatch. In the increasingly complex and rapidly changing world of logistics, Estimated Time of Departure is one of the key concepts that should not be overlooked.

Plus, estimated time of delivery is the most precise term used in logistics because it indicates the final hand off of a package. You’ve probably heard the phrase “knowledge is power,” and when it comes to logistics, knowing exactly where your drivers and packages are gives you the power to deliver a superior customer experience. Get the knowledge you need with OptimoRoute’s live tracking, advanced analytics, and driver insights. We offer competitive pricing and a 30-day free trial, so you can get started today. You can customize messages in OptimoRoute and then set them to automatically be sent to customers when a package or service professional is on the way. Your customers will know the minute their order is expected to arrive based on current conditions, and if anything changes, they’ll be able to see it right away.

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ETA offers clarity to customers so they can plan their activities without missing the delivery. Customers also appreciate ETA when the package contains perishable goods, such as food items or flowers. On the other hand, ETA also helps logistic companies streamline their inventory management to meet the deadline.