Smart Mapping for Mobile and Web

Effectively display rich map information

Smart Mapping for Mobile and Web

Many applications can present a significant amount of high value information beyond the geographical component. This information must be properly managed in order to prevent the dramatic decrease in usability of the map due to visual overload. At the same time, there must be user friendly methods to quickly access this information when needed.

“Provide a responsive, information rich map that is easy to use.”

Our solution effectively presents thousands of separate geographical data points, with each point including a variety of text and image data elements. The solution abstracts the underlying map service, layering sophisticated visualization and data management features on top of the basic map features. It automatically does visual marker reduction, preventing an unreadable map when the data content is high. Users can view aggregated data at a high level, and then drill down to more detail. Furthermore it allows the user to select specific map locations in order to obtain even more detailed information.

There are significant limitations inherent in many mobile devices when handling large amounts of data. We create a responsive user experience while avoiding data loss due to limited mobile device resources.

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