IoT for Industrial Equipment

Electrical power system monitoring

IOT for Industrial Equipment

As companies, municipalities and cities adopt electric vehicles for efficient mass transportation, management of electrical and infrastructure elements becomes critically important. The resources required to deliver, convert and distribute energy to the vehicles are shared. This requires the use of these resources to be coordinated in order to maximize the efficiency with which the vehicles are charged and to reduce operating costs.

“To support electric vehicle technology as it becomes adopted by large scale transit systems, we created systems for energy provisioning and management.”

Datyra designed, built and tested a platform to meet these requirements. The hardware supports direct connectivity to all of the physical interfaces commonly found in energy distribution environments. It also includes SAE-J1772 compliant vehicle charger control circuitry, allowing the device to act as the primary controller when charging any electric vehicle.

A configurable software stack provides the ability to run data collection and manage the vehicle charging process. Integrated databases allow for both local data collection and for data transfer to the cloud for analysis.

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