Review of Datyra’s Impactful Contributions in 2023

Review of Datyra’s Impactful Contributions in 2023

Throughout 2023, Datyra made significant strides across diverse domains, contributing to the realms of advanced engineering technology, international trade, small business empowerment, and regional economic development.

Safesail Awarded Product of the Year: Fighting Unhealthy Content Online

Datyra engaged with Fooji and Dr. Mengzhem Lim of Meiji University in Japan to launch Safesail artificial intelligence technology to ensure advertising brands don’t advertise alongside unhealthy content online. The technology proved more than 90% accurate at detecting 13 dimensions of clinically validated harmful materials based on the COPINE law enforcement scale. Safesail won product of the year as part of the broader Crowdsail platform at the national Sammy’s awards.

Opening of Office in Austin, TX

Datyra announced the expansion and opening of it’s office space in the exciting growing market of Austin, Texas. Austin has been named one the fastest growing markets in the United States of America many years in a row.

Expansion of Internal R&D into Electronic Brain-Wave Analysis

Datyra began researching the development of an electronic brainwave analysis technique for further investment.

Enhancing Brand Engagement Through On-Demand Fulfillment:

Datyra collaborated with the Technological University of the Mixteca and industry leader Fooji to conduct a study on the impact of on-demand fulfillment networks in social media sweepstakes. This research revealed a staggering surge of up to 391% in social media engagement and brand sentiment for brands utilizing instant prize fulfillment through local delivery networks. Datyra’s involvement emphasized the critical importance of measuring the impact beyond conventional metrics like reach and impressions, highlighting the significant enhancement in brand sentiment resulting from investments in real-time fulfillment networks. This study showcased the convergence of technology, targeted engagement, and efficient delivery networks in shaping enduring consumer loyalty and favorable brand perception.

Commitment to Small Business Empowerment:

Datyra’s active participation in committees at the National Small Business Association (NSBA) underscored her dedication to empowering small businesses globally, especially in the United States. The engagement in the Small Business Technologies Council (SBTC) focused on equipping small businesses with cutting-edge technological solutions, enabling them to remain competitive in a tech-driven landscape. Additionally, involvement in NSBA’s Economic Development Committee aimed at supporting small businesses in navigating challenges like access to capital and federal programs, ultimately contributing to sustainable economic growth. Datyra’s commitment to representing and advocating for small businesses highlighted its role in providing sustainable solutions and technological insights for competitiveness in various industries.

Engagement With U.S. Federal Objectives:

Datyra has begun participating in the federal landscape through participation in events held by the Department of Defence. We engaged leading U.S. research institutions and major corporations to partner on joint-proposals to further U.S. defense efforts.

Strategic Collaborations for Regional Development:

Datyra’s strategic partnership with the Secretaría de Desarrollo Economico de Oaxaca showcased its commitment to fostering economic development aligned with the Universidad Tecnológica de la Mixteca’s mission. A meeting with the leadership of SUNEO and the Oaxacan State government was held at the Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzman to discuss how to further economic development in the state of Oaxaca. This partnership, focusing on technological advancements, skill development, and sustainable economic growth, underscored Datyra’s dedication to driving progress through innovation and strategic collaborations with government entities and academic institutions. A number training sessions in partnership with KadaSoftware were held at Datyra’s laboratory at the Universidad Tecnológica de la Mixteca.

Datyra’s contributions across these realms in 2023 demonstrated its commitment to leveraging technology, fostering small business growth, and driving regional development through collaborative initiatives and innovative solutions.

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